How can you raise your scores in Bubbly Primes? While playing, your brain will start remembering which numbers are primes and which are composites (composites can be factored). That’s the goal. As you memorize which are which, your scores will naturally get higher.

A screenshot of a very busy Bubbly Primes games in which many bubbles contain the number 109.

I’ve got to remember that 109 is a Prime Number

Don’t worry about making mistakes.

Making mistakes is built in as an important part of the game; that’s how you learn. After getting one wrong a few times, you’ll automatically start to remember it, and then start getting it right. In particular, when you see a new number, and have no idea whether it’s prime or not, the game is intentionally structured so that you are strategically better off tapping on it to see what happens. Once you see what happens, you’ll know what to do next time. If you forget, you’ll get more chances until you start to remember. When you find that you’re telling yourself things like “Why can’t I remember that 109 is prime?” you’ll know you’re doing well.

There are several useful strategies to raise your scores:

  • The longer a round lasts, the higher your score will get, so extending the game leads to higher scores. Most tips aim to extend the game.
  • Try to watch the entire screen as you play so that composite numbers don’t escape to the top surface. As much as possible, pop composites while they are near the bottom so you aren’t in emergency mode. It’s hard to keep the game going if you have too many bubbles near the top.
  • The game is programmed to give you second chances at numbers that you miss. You can remove composite bubbles from the top by popping rising bubbles that have the same numbers. So pay extra attention to the numbers on the top and watch for new rising bubbles with those numbers. When you pop them, those numbers’ red bubbles on the top will fade away, giving you more playing time.
  • Also pay attention to bubbles that fall to the bottom, turning red and subtracting from your score. Those are prime numbers that you should have let float to the top. Make a mental note of their numbers so you don’t tap on them again.
  • If you are not sure whether a number is prime or not, go ahead and tap on it during play. If it is a prime, it will turn red and fall to the bottom, subtracting somewhat from your score — then you’ll know that it is a prime. In the future, try not to tap that number again.
  • Please don’t feel like using the pause button in the lower left corner is “cheating”. The game-design decision was made to put it there so players could take a breath when they want. Consider it a strategic element, and use it whenever you would like. It’s there for you.
  • Pay attention to ways the critters can help you out. Beginning players generally assume that they are opponents. More advanced players focus on their beneficial qualities.
  • When you become more advanced, the game might start to seem slow at the beginning of a round while it figures out your level. During the slow period, you can warm up, or you can turn your device on its side and play the game in landscape (horizontal) mode. Since the space to the top will be shorter, the bubbles have less time to get there, and the game will seem to move faster. However, once you have many bubbles and critters bouncing bubbles around on the screen, things can happen very fast. During play, you can flip your device back to portrait (vertical) mode. The game will adapt. That will give you needed time to catch the bubbles, since they will have further to go.
  • As you become advanced, you may find that the game brings you into a state of deep focus. It is pleasurable, and is its own reward.
  • If you’d like to offer a tip for other players, you are welcome to post a comment to this page.

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