Image of the original manuscript of Semper Dowland Semper Dolens used in Bubbly Primes.

What’s that music in the game?

It is a modern arrangement of the instrumental piece Semper Dowland Semper Dolens by the Elizabethan (Renaissance period) composer and lute player John Dowland. The arrangement in Bubbly Primes was performed on three sizes of recorders, a cello (recorded in 5 separate tracks), a Roland keyboard, and two electric bass tracks.

Is there a way to turn off the music or to change the music to something else?

Of course! You can always mute the sound with the mute button or use the volume buttons on your device. However, you can also control the loudness of the music independently of the game’s sound effects or vice versa. To do that, tap on “Sound” in the game’s main menu. If you are in the middle of a game, you can tap the “pause” button in the lower left corner, and the menus will come up. When you bring up the sound settings, you will see three sliders that allow you fine-grained control over how loud the different kinds of sound in the game are.

If you would like to listen to your own musical selections while you play Bubbly Primes, you can start them playing in your favorite music app, and then press the home button to leave that app without stopping the music. Start Bubbly Primes, and the game will detect that another app is playing music. It will play the sound effects (at a volume controlled by the sound effect slider), but won’t play the in-game music. If you want the in-game music back, turn off the music from the other app, and go back into Bubbly Primes.

I don’t hear any sound!

The first step to troubleshooting sound in Bubbly Primes is to check the mute switch on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Second, make sure that the volume of the music and sound effects isn’t all the way down in the game’s settings. Third, make sure that your device doesn’t think that a different app is playing music. The most reliable way of doing that is by closing all the open apps, and then re-opening Bubbly Primes. To close an app, quickly press the home button twice, and then slide the app upwards off the screen.

Why did you choose this music for the game?

Because it’s calm, serene, and beautiful music. There are two reasons why that was a goal. First, its tranquil nature helps evoke the underwater atmosphere of the game. Second, some Bubbly Primes players may have math anxiety. We want the game to be interesting, fun and addictive, but not too stressful. One of the things that music, in general, does well is create atmosphere and mood. The game generates plenty of excitement on its own, so music was chosen to develop a soothing mood. One of Bubbly Prime’s testers, Sima, wrote a couple of blog entries about the choice of music in the game: Musical Surprises, and Mozart and Math Anxiety.

Is there a way to buy an MP3 of the game’s music?

Right now this recording is only available inside the game, but if you send us an email with your request, we will forward it to the copyright holder.