Happy Pi Day 2019

Vibrant Berry Pi Day Pie

Math lovers everywhere are celebrating Pi Day, and not just out of an irrational desire to eat pie!

Let’s Celebrate Pi Day!

Out of the infinitely many digits of pi, the first three are usually all you need. By rounding pi to 3.14, you get a “close enough” answer to most everyday math problems. But here’s the good part: since March is the 3rd month of the year, every 14th of March is 3-14, so, we call it Pi Day. Because “pi” sounds like “pie”, we make a little math joke and eat pie, which is an excellent way to celebrate anything.

Free Pi Day Activities to Download

Here are some activities and materials we made for your Pi Day celebrations. They are suitable for the classroom, after school, or at home. You may make as many copies as you wish for classroom or personal use. The PDFs can take a little time to download – please be patient.

Thumbnail of MaryMemorizing Pi With Mary – A fun short story for learning the first 10 digits of Pi. You can download it, print it, and read it out loud. BONUS: It’s also a coloring activity. [text version]

–  Pi Over The Centuries – The history of Pi told through an innovative poem. [text version]

– Pi Day Jokes – Fun coloring activity.

Pi Crossword – A puzzle to enhance vocabulary by answering definitions.

Pi Word Search – A puzzle for familiarization with some common math words associated with pi.

Click on each link to download individual activities, or click below for a complete Fun Page, which includes the puzzles and jokes.

Pi Day Fun Page – A multi-activity worksheet for Pi Day.

What Kind of Number Is Pi?

Sometimes it’s fun and interesting to ask what kind of number some number is. That’s certainly true of pi.

Pi is irrational, which means that you can’t get it by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing whole numbers. More commonly, we say “you can’t express it as a fraction.” which means pretty much the same thing.

It’s also transcendental, which takes some explaining to define officially, but basically means that you can’t even make it by taking the roots of numbers. Pi is a real number. Additionally, it’s a complex number (all real numbers are complex numbers.)

Not only you can’t write pi as a fraction, but you can’t write it as a decimal either. That’s because, technically, decimals are a special kind of fraction. But what you can do, writing it as a decimal, is approximate it as close as you would like. When you do that, you can get closer and closer forever, writing digits on and on infinitely without falling into any repetitive pattern.

Brought to you Courtesy of the Bubbly Primes Team

We hope you enjoy the activities that we are providing, and that you have a fantastic Pi Day this year. Our goal is to help kids enjoy learning important things. That’s why we make educational games. Please check out our math game, Bubbly Primes. It can be enjoyed by anyone who knows their times tables. Build familiarity with numbers and their factors, because skill at factoring makes fractions easier.

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Extra Goodies

Looking for the answers to the Pi Crossword, Pi Word Search, or the Pi Day Fun Page (which includes both the crossword and word search)?

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