Happy Pi Day 2018

What’s The Secret Ingredient For Success With Fractions?

Ingredients for Success With Fractions


No, it’s not Pi (or pie). We’re celebrating Pi Day because we teach math, and it’s a favorite holiday. However, today we want to talk about fractions.

Many ingredients combine for success with fractions. However, we feel students need more practice with one in particular: fluency with factoring.

Fluency with Factoring Helps With:

  • Simplifying Fractions
  • Cross-cancellation
  • Lowest Common Denominators
  • Greatest Common Factors
  • Least Common Multiples

In theory, knowing the multiplication and division facts is enough. However, in practice, without fluency in factoring, students get lost in the multi-step procedures required for fractions. By easing those steps, the entire process becomes simpler and easier to grasp and succeed.

Why does it feel like a secret ingredient? We wish it wasn’t, but it can be hard to give students that fluency. Worksheets and tests tend to just boil down to division problems. There has to be a better way.

That’s why we created the arcade-style game, Bubbly Primes.

Bubbly Primes provides an entertaining environment which tempts students to keep on playing and playing until the factors of numbers just pop into their heads. Because of the nature of the game, they keep on going, building familiarity and fluency with the factors of increasingly large numbers. With its soothing Renaissance music, and gentle watercolor-style artwork it also attempts to minimize math anxiety.

Try building factoring fluency the easy way — by playing a game!

In honor of Pi Day, Bubbly Primes is 25% off, until 15 March 2018, on the App Store.

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