What’s a prime number?

A Prime Number is a counting number greater than one whose only factors are itself and one. The first few Prime Numbers are: 2, 3, 5 , 7, 11, etc. Prime Numbers can be thought of as building blocks that can be multiplied to form Composite Numbers.

What’s a composite number?

When you multiply two numbers, you get a composite number that, from a multiplication point of view, is made out of those two numbers. If you make a composite number by multiplying composite numbers, the resulting number is made out of all the prime numbers that were components of the factors that you used. You might be interested in our Math Help pages.

Is zero a prime number?
Is one a prime number?
Is two a prime number?
Why or why not?

Please read our webpage about prime and composite numbers to get a clear idea of what prime numbers are. We answer those questions as part of explaining why prime numbers are the way they are.

What age is Bubbly Primes for?

Bubbly Primes was conceived of as a game for kids who are in about 3rd through 8th grade. However, it is fun for people who are older as well, including some older people who are excellent at mental math. Anyone who knows the basic times tables can benefit from and enjoy Bubbly Primes. Even if you think you’re not good at math, you could try playing Bubbly Primes secretly until you can surprise people with your mastery of some pretty big numbers! If you play the game, you’ll get to know the numbers.

Is there advertising in this game?

No. We expect that many of the people that play Bubbly Primes will be children. We feel that children are especially vulnerable to advertising, and we don’t feel comfortable advertising to them. However, it is a lot of work to create a game like Bubbly Primes, and we need to make a living so we can keep on making more great educational games. That’s why we sell Bubbly Primes in the App Store for a reasonable flat fee. We hope you appreciate our reasoning and purchase the game. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Is there violence in this game?

No. Bubbly Primes is a non-violent game.

Who makes Bubbly Primes?

Nuhubit Software Studios LLC, based in Santa Clarita, California makes Bubbly Primes. We are proud to have been selected for the city’s Business Incubator program. Our goal is to produce games of real value and genuine fun. Our mission is to do that over and over.

How do I give Bubbly Primes a review in the App Store?

Thanks for taking the time to give Bubbly Primes a review. The first step is to find the Bubbly Primes page on the App Store. It’s the same page where the app is purchased. If you get there with an App Store search, you have to take the extra step of tapping on the Bubbly Primes icon to get to the App Store page, even if Bubbly Primes was the only result for your search. There’s another way to find it by opening the App Store on a phone or tablet, going to Updates, and then Purchased, and scrolling through the list.

Once you find it, select “Reviews” which is between “Details” and “Related” under the Bubbly Primes icon. Then you can tap on the number of stars you want to award the game, and below that there is a “Write a Review” button. It’s fine to just write 2 or 3 sentences describing the game, why you enjoyed it, or even a special experience you had while playing (for example, a Mom recently told us how she and her daughter spent an evening together enjoying Bubbly Primes). By the way, after a review is submitted it usually takes a while, even up to a whole day, before it starts showing up on the App Store.

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