Happy Pi Day 2020

Let’s Celebrate!

How about a Pi Day joke?

Who stole the pie? The pi-rates.

After all, Pi Day is a holiday that came into existence because of a pun. What’s the pun, you ask? When you write March 14 as 3.14, it looks the same as the first three digits of Pi. More or less equivalent to 22/7, this approximation was known to ancient people going way back. Here’s a poem about ancient people and Pi.

Of course, in English, the math symbol Pi is pronounced the same as pie, the delicious food. With that, we have another pun, and a silly fun holiday. Unfortunately the food pun doesn’t work in other languages.

In any case, Pi Day is a light-hearted holiday based on telling jokes, eating pie, and, having fun with math. To that end, here’s a Pi Day Fun Page, with a word search, a cross word puzzle, and some jokes.

Also, check out this coloring book that tells a fun story about a young shepherdess named Mary. What does this have to do with Pi? The story helps you memorize the first 10 digits of Pi, which is all you’ll probably ever need.

Memorizing Pi With Mary Coloring Book

You have our permission to print out the Fun Page, Memorizing Pi With Mary, or Pi Over the Centuries, and make as many copies as you need for personal or classroom use.

Dr. Einstein’s Birthday

Another interesting date falls on March 14 every year — it’s Dr. Albert Einstein’s birthday. One more reason to celebrate!

What does Albert Einstein eat on his birthday? Chocolate Cream Pi. Happy birthday Doctor Albert Einstein 3.14.1879

By the way, we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet, right? Upon hearing that Dr. Einstein’s birthday is on Pi Day, you should probably raise your eyebrows full of skepticism. The Encyclopedia Brittanica is a reliable source of fact checked information. Here’s their biography of Einstein, where you can check his birthday, and learn lots of other interesting things about him. By the way, we made up the Chocolate Cream part. We have no idea what Einstein’s favorite foods really were. If you know, and can provide reliable sources, please email us!

Let’s Get Good At Math on Pi Day

How do you get good at math? We’re glad you asked.

Don't fear math, I'll tell you why. When you practice, it's as easy as pi.

If you know your multiplication tables, which are sometimes called “the math facts”, you can get lots of math practice playing Bubbly Primes. It is a non-violent ad-free arcade style game that will give you lots of practice with numbers. It’s a perfect game to play while you’re celebrating.

In honor of the holiday, Bubbly Primes is on a 25% off sale through March 14 2020. So, take a break from the internet, and spend some time playing a math game right now!

Happy Pi Day, Everybody!

Here’s the answer key to the Pi Day Fun Page.

In case you are looking for them, here’s our Happy Pi Day pages for 2018 and 2019.